Mosquito Control

Our custom treatments involve Fogging or spraying where the mosquitoes are outside your home and your yard

Your property is inspected so a plan can be made to protect you and your family from mosquitoes. The kind of mosquitoes found, where they rest, breed and enter your home are identified by your pest control specialist. Recommendations are made for mosquito elimination and mosquito prevention.

Ways to get rid of mosquitoes may include:

  • Fogging

  • Broad sprays

  • The removal of standing water

  • Decreasing watering intervals

  • Cutting back dense foliage and mowing tall grasses.

Treatments are applied to the home and the landscape which includes the lawn, bushes and trees. Mosquito treatments are usually performed once a month but you can schedule them for any time you want.

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More frequent service is recommended between May and October, as this is peak mosquito season.


Anopheles hang out in the lower levels of thick plants and especially tall grasses. They are active during the evening and night hours. They are referred to as “leg” or “ankle” biters because of their low flying preference. These mosquitoes don’t like the hot, dry sun and prefer the higher humidity at night. They transmit malaria, filariasis and heartworm.


Culex are most active during the few hours after sunset. Domestic and wild birds are preferred hosts, over man, cows, horses or other mammals. They prefer lying in wait for their hosts in the thick leafy areas of trees where birds are found to nest and roost. They can also be found in tree trunks and animal dens. They transmit West Nile virus, encephalitis, filariasis and avian malaria.


Aedes are daytime (sun-up to sundown) biters but will sometimes bite after dark, when there is illumination from outdoor lights, or when they get indoors. These mosquitoes can normally be found resting in dense shrubbery during the day where the humidity is high and where they are least affected by the hot sun. They transmit Zika, yellow fever, dengue fever and chikungunya.