The way Great Western Pest Control cares for employees, and the communities in which we operate, reflects our values and our desire for a more socially just and economically sound world. Great Western Pest Control puts the customer and comunity first. We view engagement — “getting out there” — as an important social responsibility and an essential ingredient in creating sustainable communities. Great Western services provide customers with a happier, cleaner, healthier lifestyle.


Here at Great Western Pest Control our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond regulatory state compliance and we are continuly looking for ways of minimizing the enviromental impact of our business practices. We have been pioneering practices in the pest control industry to reduce the use of energy, water, chemicals and other products that may be harmful to the environment if used incorrectly.

Energy: Great Western Pest Control is committed to achieving carbon neutrality and are concious of our carbon footprint. We are always working to decrease our carbon footprint by providing our tecnicians routs as condensed as possible to reduce drive miles. We have equiped our technicians with the latest in pest control application equipment and technology, such as electric pumps instead of the old traditional gas engin pumps. These small steps we believe can lead to haveing a large environmental impact, by being a leading example in helping to make our local communities a cleaner more deseriable place to live.

Water: We are decreasing water usage, and improving water quality in significant, measurable ways. Being an Arizona based company, water is a precious commodity, and we are always concious of how much water we use. By reducing our water usage, and being water concious, we are reducing our environmental impact.

Chemicals: Great Western Pest Control uses nothing but the best, higest quality chemicals. We are a IPC (Integrated Pest Company), meaning we are always on the lookout for new products, and are finding benificial ways to integrate them into our services. In the pest control industry, pesticide manufactures are always producing new products and methods of controlling pests, and being A Customer of Great Western Pest Control means you will always have the safest, higest quality, up-to-date products available.


Sustainability begins with our products. At Great Western, we are always monitoring how the manufactures of our products create and form the chemicals we use. We only buy from manufatures that are making concerted efforts to produce clean, safe, reliable products and chemicals. Our Great Western Technicians will not ever apply a product that doesnt adheer to our extreemly high standards of saftey and effectivness. This cradle-to-grave assesment gives us the essential knowledge and understanding of where our products that we use and apply come from, through application and the environmental impact that they will have once applied. We believe in making the extra effort to follow our product life cycles, to ensure a safe, quality service for you the customer, because that is what Great Western is about.